World: Nami Ka

Name: Nami Ka [NAH-mee KAH]

Indigenous Sentients: Namiccians.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): None.

Other Factions/Nations: None.

Description: Nami Ka is a pastoral world with little civilization and plenty of diversity in its flora and fauna. It is approximately half water, but only half of that water is actually in the form of seas and oceans; the rest appears as rivers, lakes, ponds, wetlands, and oases. It is an entirely unremarkable world.

Magic: Nami Ka is the only world in its sun system with a normal magical density; its neutral energy is right in the average, compared to the rest of the worlds in the universe. Magic of any type can be used with no difficulty.

Technology: Nami Ka has very low-level technology; nothing above primitive woodworking and weaving. Pottery, metalworking, and mining are nonexistent. There are no intersun docks on Nami Ka.

Solar System: Nami Ka is second of three worlds in the Ka system. Ka is a primitive system, boasting no worlds of technological prowess and only one world with average magical density (Nami Ka itself); the other two are quite low. Ka is rarely visited and remains on the fringes of the traveling universe.

Galactic Location: Three and a half months from Airdh, four months from the Source of Light, nine and a half months from Gurhai, and a month and a half from Lo-N-Fas-R.

Intersun Trading: Nami Ka does not partake in intersun trading - it is entirely self-sufficient and is generally regarded as too distant from the main sailing routes to be visited by traders.

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