World: Navos Jorde

Name: Navos Jorde [NAH-vos YORD]

Indigenous Sentients: None. Humans.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Lightworkers. This is a Light-policed world.

Other Factions/Nations: There are dozens of original nations and factions. Some have faded out of political power, others have merged with allies, and yet others have grown from the shards of a broken nation. Too many to list.

Description: Navos Jorde is, for all intents and purposes, the homeworld of the human race and thus quite an important place. It's a large world, temperate in clime with a creditable variety of terrain, flora, and fauna. Though only a quarter of all 'modern' humans were born on Navos Jorde, its wildlife and plantlife are still frequently referenced as a commonality between humans. (Wolves, lions, oaks, and sharks comprise many of the more well-known references.) Navos Jorde itself is 35% water and mostly covered in a well-placed network of roads, railroads, towns, farms, and cities.

Magic: Navos Jorde is quite rich in magic, though not one of the top five in the universe. Though it is Light-policed, its innate magic is neutral, not Light-based; any kind of magic can easily be used here. There are certain nations in which low-level black magic use is allowed by law, and the more arcane and druidic magics are quite populous. Navos Jorde is one of the primary places to train magic-workers.

Technology: Navos Jorde has a fairly high level of technology, though it lacks the masses of machinery and robots that characterize the most technological worlds. It is extremely civilized, nearly all of its people living in some moderate level of comfort. There is individual and public motorized transportation, as well as heavy use of animal-based transportation in more rural areas; most technology is powered by magic in some fashion or another.

Solar System: Navos Jorde is one of two worlds in the sun system of Nesaule. Nesaule is an elastic system, with Navos Jorde's and Saecala's surfaces pointing 'up' and 'down' respectively and the sun moving up and down between them. Since both worlds are also spinning horizontally, their rims have drastic seasons which fade in extremes as you go towards the center of the world.

Galactic Location: One month from Airdh, six weeks from Primos, eleven months and one week from Gurhai, five and a half months from Source, two and a half months from Vuh.

Intersun Trading: Navos Jorde participates heavily in intersun trading. It imports and exports nearly everything that can be traded, though it rarely exports raw resources. Human traders make up the vast majority of those who actually come to Navos Jorde in person to trade or make deliveries.

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