Species: Noalin

This is not a complete write-up.

Primate is an interesting concept. I'd be looking at something quite monkey-like (hee, flying monkeys) - probably hairless with batlike wings, maybe four feet high, probably with arms and legs equally long and bent. Dark-colored for the creep factor, a little glisteny, big-eyed. Presumably nocturnal and tactile, relying on touch first, then scent and hearing, then sight as a general stabilizer. Long, strong, prehensile tail, wide flat sensitive palms, very soft-skinned on most of their hands and feet - walks on knuckles to preserve the sensitivity and keep from callusing. Not really into intersun travel, but their world has some sort of wonderful valuable resource (I'm seeing a blue glow?) that brings people to it. Some magic - all kinds, I think - but limited tech - just primitive, stone and wood and leather. They use sonar when flying, since their eyes are so nonspecific. Omnivores, generally eating plant stuff, scavenging meat, fishing, finding eggs, eating big bugs. Definitely social. These are called noalin (NO-ah-LEEN) - one noalin, two noalins.

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