World: Oakh

Name: Oakh [o-AHK, slurred together]

Indigenous Sentients: Oakh's only intelligent natives are the corata.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): N/A. Corata live in distinct, territorial clans - there is no ruling caste or top clan.

Other Factions/Nations: N/A.

Description: Oakh is a primal, unpredictable world whose fierce weather systems, vastly diverse terrains, and dangerous wildlife make it quite hostile to those unaccustomed to such a volatile planet. Oakh is approximately half water, half land, with perhaps half of its land surface explored and/or settled by corata, who thrive in such a challenging environment. The world is rich in herbs, minerals, and other valuable resources, most of which are completely ignored by the natives and untouched by would-be pillagers, who fear both the world and its creatures.

Magic: Oakh is entirely average in its raw magic density. Magicians of any kind have full power there, though very few ever visit. Lightworkers make no attempt to convince the corata to allow them to police Oakh; it is a world well off the beaten path that seldom sees off-worlder visitors.

Technology: Oakh has no technology. Humans constructed one intersun dock and only make half-hearted efforts at maintaining it; corata rarely travel. Some corata engage in primitive metalworking, but those clans are few and far between. Overall, Oakh is an uncivilized planet with no real technology.

Solar System: Oakh is in the Corba system, third of four planets. None of the other planets are technologically developed nor major intersun traders, so the entire system is typically ignored by 'civilized' people, despite its prime location.

Galactic Location: Two weeks from the Source of Light; five weeks from Do'agnun; six and a half months from Gurhai; five and a half months from Airdh. Very close to the center of the universe, but somewhat off to the side from the invisible line between the First and Last Worlds.

Intersun Trading: Oakh does not engage in intersun trading.

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