Species: Ouro

This is not a complete write-up.

they use body/sign language to communicate, constant involuntary vocalizations indicative of mood/stress, from quiet to loud but with every inhale and exhale, faces like fishes with eyes on the side of the head, tall and narrow heads with a hadrosauresque crest (short and knobby, resonating chamber), globular compound eyes (reflective/iridescent), wyvern build with squat powerful haunches and long grasping toes with hooking claws, translucent wing membrane with various individual markings (pale base color with vibrant jewel-toned markings), a cluster of tails like jellyfish tendrils, individually prehensile but usually used as one for strength, but deft enough to be used as communication, wings like manta ray fins (no wingfingers) stretching attached all the way halfway down the outermost tails, mainly gliders but can fly fairly well for short periods, about two feet high but with a wingspan of 8-10 feet and a length of 4-5.

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