World: Poc'n

Name: Poc'n [PAHK-nn]

Indigenous Sentients: Poc'n's native sentients are the k'anta.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): None, really.

Other Factions/Nations: None.

Description: Poc'n is a primal jungle world, thick with trees and green and vicious wildlife. Its tropical forests and its mountains and its few plains are all settled by the k'anta. Only 15% of the landmass untread - and Poc'n is 80% land, 20% sea. Towns, cities, and even primitive hunting villages are scattered across the world, and most big cities have their own intersun docks overhead. Despite the k'antan technology and cities, the world is still virtually untamed.

Magic: Poc'n is extremely low in magic. All but the strongest magic-workers are rendered impotent while there, those strongest being severely weakened, and the natives themselves make practically no attempt to use or manipulate what little energy their planet holds.

Technology: Poc'n is quite advanced in technology. Most of its sophisticated devices are centered around weaponry, explosives, or defense. Several intersun docks have been built and are actively maintained in the interest of trade. Poc'n is one of the few worlds to design and craft firearms that are not arcane in nature; grenades and mines are also k'antan favorites. One invention that is never exported and never shared with non-k'anta are called portal bombs - if programmed correctly, four of them placed in a square around a living creature or person will explode simultaneously, creating a split-second rift and transporting whatever was in that square to another world. K'anta are especially quick to use these devices to get rid of particularly dangerous enemies, sending them off to a world that does not see trading ships and, effectively, exiling them for life - or even sending them to an exceptionally dangerous world to ensure a swift death. Their other trademarked and never-shared invention is a woven metal cord, which effectively chokes off any chance of wielding qki - a silvery version prevents qki use outside the body, and a golden version prevents any qki use at all, including internal healing or shapeshifting. These cords (usually referred to as collars) can be shot from something similar to a grenade launcher from a considerable distance with fair accuracy and are typically used against warriors or tahori.

Solar System: Poc'n is part of the Lo-N-Fas-R system, the second of four worlds. Lo-N-Fas-R was one of the first that humans encountered, being fairly close to the human's point of origin. Yeh-lo is an untechnological world, but one of its sister-worlds is quite technological, and the other two are middling.

Galactic Location: Two months and three weeks from the Source of Light, four and a half months from Airdh, eight and a half months from Gurhai, and a month and a half from Ka.

Intersun Trading: Poc'n does engage in intersun trading - not heavily, but significantly - and primarily deals in weapon design and exchange, especially ranged weapons and explosives. It is a smaller market, since none of their technology is magic-powered or -enhanced (unlike, say, exports from Ryarna), but they trade with far-off worlds who are also high-tech and low-magic.

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