Species: Quinus

This is not a complete write-up.

One quine, many quinus, the quinus. Unpredictable and volatile in nature, often aggressive or outright destructive, almost never calculatedly malicious or cruel. Coloration is often deep red, dark grey, or black fading to another color (black into red, for example) near the extremities and mane/tail. Quadrupedal equines. Faces fine-boned and elegant like an Arabian's, mouth full of sharp carnivore's teeth and long sharp tusks (bottom jaw) that protrude 3-4". They have horse-like necks and limbs, with a slightly more ursine torso. Their hooves are cloven; on each side of their ankles are two "dewclaw" toes with wickedly curving claws. When running, these claws are curled backwards and upwards, so that the overcurve faces the ground but never touches and the tip points up and back, but when kicking out, those claws can rake furrows in an animal's flesh. Usually used in hunting, in defense, and also in fishing. Quinus have sleek, glossy fur, extravagantly long manes spilling from between the ears and the base of the neck; a line of slender, sharp spines runs between the manes. Their tails are long and powerful, ending in a knot of studded bone that can break limbs and crush skulls. Quinus have long, spiralling, mostly straight, backwards-pointing horns. Fire-affinity creatures; they learn how to use fire-magic by lighting and maintaining dancing flames on the ends of their neck-spines. Pack predators.

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