Species: Qyne

Name: qyne(s) [KWIN(Z)]

Homeworld: Antra

Height/Length/Weight: Qynes are average-sized hominids; they stand 5.5-6.5' feet high, with females being larger than males. They weigh between 125-250 lbs.

Physical Description: Qynes are furred, hyenid bipeds. Their faces are round, with a short, blunt muzzle and canine teeth; their ears can range from round to triangular and small to large. Their pelt is short, smooth, and glossy, an effective deterrent for sun and wind but not an insulating coat against cold weather or water; their manes tend to be long, thick, and curly, often worn unrestrained and wild-cut. Their tails are feline in shape and can vary in length from 2-4'; they are prehensile but not as strong as an arm, nor as deft as a hand. Qynes have four-fingered, slender hands with retractable claws and thin pawpads. Their feet have four thick, splayed toes, clawed and padded like their fingers; qyne feet are more canine-paw-like and less gargantuan than, for example, rarra feet. Males have a sheathed penis and furred scrotum, while females have similar but smaller parts, in addition to a vaginal opening. (Essentially, the clitoris elongates into a pseudo-penis, from which they can urinate but not pass sperm, as their testicles are merely fatty deposits.) Females have small, firm breasts unless pregnant or nursing.

Senses/Capabilities: Qynes have a keen sense of hearing and a good sense of smell, but their vision is only as good as a human's - but at night, their sight is nearly as good as in the daytime. They're physically fit creatures, able to run somewhat faster than a human (~25 mph), but their endurance is poor. Some qynes are quite strong, and others are quite agile and flexible, but that largely depends on the individual's build and profession/activities.

Coloration/Clothing: Qyne fur and hair has a surprisingly wide color range, from white to black to browns, greys, reds, golds, and any combination thereof with almost any type of marking. Their eyes can be metallic, earth, or jewel tones (gold/silver, browns/greys, blue/purple/green), and their claws tend to be either grey, white, or black. Qynes wear primitive clothing - leggings/trousers, boots, vests, tunics, cloaks, etc - in gentle earth tones (greens, browns, golds - occasionally blues and purples). There is very little social stigma attached to clothing - practicality and comfort are the primary concerns - but under-clothing is usually worn around the loins for support.

Races/Breeds: Qynes have no distinct ethnicities. There's enough travel between regions to keep the bloodlines mixed.

Language: Qynes have a light and vibrating language called qynian; it has a simplistic structure but an extensive vocabulary. Regional dialects differ largely in their use of certain words and catch phrases / metaphors, rather than (necessarily) pronunciation. There's enough trade across major qyne settlements that qynian hasn't fragmented entirely into multiple smaller languages, but its an expansive enough language that two qynes who live on opposite ends of Antra would have a difficult time communicating effectively.

Technology: Qynes do not use truly advanced technology. Their most advanced technology is metalworking, swiftly followed by woodworking, leatherworking and tailoring, and pottery. They have sophisticated smithies and forges, but their construction revolves around buildings, carts, and useful (albeit primitive) appliances; qynes do not typically engage in weaponsmithing except in larger settlements. Swords are extremely rare; most qynes are armed with knives/daggers, and hunt with bows or spears (often from the backs of siolriols or nyai).

Magic: Qynes use unobtrusive forms of magic, typically to enhance or facilitate daily activities. Almost all magic is nature-based, ensuring fertile harvests, enough rain (without flooding), and otherwise kindly weather; other uses include healing (usually augmenting herbal remedies), safe and healthy conception/pregnancy/childbirth, and blessings of protection and abundance. There is, however, a unique and powerful magic that affects certain qynes by soul-bonding them to certain nya cubs - this is called Bonding and is heralded by an immense storm near the Mother's den. Bonding is involuntary and permanent, matching suitable souls and creating an empathic and telepathic bond between the chosen pair.

Values: Qynes value an individual's ability to create happiness for oneself, while living in reasonable harmony within their communities and with the natural world. Peace and joy are treasured and protected; those who would upset a community's equilibrium are swiftly dealt with, first by rehabilitation/counselling methods, then by isolation/exile, if no improvement is to be had by kinder methods. The ability to adapt and cooperate for the greater good of a community, maintaining its functionality, is also highly valued. Selflessness, generosity, charity, and a good disposition are prized and lauded.

Social Groups/Society: Qynes live in cooperative communities. Though their family groups (close and extended families both) are of primary importance, individual qynes also play a part in profession-oriented groups (rarely official guilds, except in the biggest settlements) and consider their overall community to be vital to their health and happiness. Notably, there are no gender stereotypes that play societal roles; qynes seek a lifelong 'soulmate' with no gender requirement, as having children is considered an individual choice, not a societal obligation. (It's probably this view that keeps qynes from over-populating; they have short gestation periods, reach adulthood quickly, and have long fertile stretches in their adult lives.) Bonded pairs in a village comprise their own social circle and occupy a place of prime importance in any settlement's function. Each settlement with any significant nya population has a Mother nya with a separate den, often just outside of the qyne town.

Habitat/Settlements: Qynes live in large villages, rural farming communities, or more diverse quasi-cities. The level of technology (sophistication of woodwork and pottery and tailoring, the prominence of metalworking) is largely based on community size and situation - settlements in more dangerous or challenging areas often do not spend time on less practical things. Most buildings are spacious and open, without being any larger than a family, business, or profession needs. The settlements themselves have large, packed-dirt roads, wide enough for three or four carriages to pass at any given time; they tend to be sprawling, but not so large that a pedestrian can't make his way across town in reasonable time.

Religion/Beliefs: Qynes believe that there is a spirit to everything - even crafted and/or inanimate objects - and they greet these spirits respectfully and politely in order to facilitate a positive experience with the physical manifestation of that spirit. Craftsmen in particular are very kind and courteous to the spirits of both the raw materials of their trade and the finished results; likewise, farmers and gardeners are careful to please the spirits of the land, the weather, and the flora. Qynes hold no belief in deities or in greater spirits, seeing all things as equal.

Interaction w/ Other Species: Qynes are a universally friendly people. They greet other species warmly and offer their hospitality without reservation; only after an individual or a group has proven hostility or deceit do they act accordingly, and often take diplomatic measures to repair relations. Only if the rift is proved irreparable (or a conscious choice from the other party) do they take measures to protect and defend themselves. Qynes are always immensely respectful of and courteous to nyai, and they have a good relationship with humans.

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