Character: Rai Gerring

Full Name: Rai Gerring
Species: human
Gender: male
Age: 35 HYs

Appearance: 5'7" tall, 125 lbs. Rai is an extremely thin, nearly gaunt man with pale skin of a faintly yellowish tint. His facial features are thin and refined, his eyes piercingly dark blue. He has shaggy black hair, approximately shoulder-length and somewhat haphazardly layered (hence the shag) that often falls in his face, when not held back by his cowl; it's thin and a little scraggly, but not prone to being excessively oily. His entire bony body is covered in red and black ink - arcane symbols of black magic and demonology.
Home/Possessions: Rai has no home, being a wanderer. His possessions are few and small; he wears the heavy, full-length black robes of his caste, and within that garment's inner pockets are stored some trademark black magician items, including a ritual knife sharp and slender enough to shave skin and hairs. He has a couple 'empty'/'blank' crystals, a few locks of Erick Glessen's hair, one or two shards of bone/fingernails, and a couple tiny packets of unidentified powders.

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