Species: Ret'chek

This is not a complete write-up.

ret'chek('r), giant amphibious armored squids (of doom); highly militaristic but not unnecessarily violent, despite their reputation of flying off the handle at seemingly small slights, have strict honor/pride code that they do not suffer to be bent, absolutely rigid culture/traditions; thick leathery hide with several keratinous ridges, strips, knobs, and other rough-textured features, partially for protection and partially for structural reinforcement; head is much smaller/shorter than water-based squid-types and is entirely armored in light keratin; body is light and buoyant, slightly segregated from the head as a bulkier section of the torso, as these guys do not go into deep water but tend to drift on or near the surface/shallows; eight legs are radially symmetrical, with every other leg being strong enough to provide locomotion on land and the other four being more tentacular manipulatory appendages (that are also useful in swimming): specialized muscles form rings and columns in the four land-legs to form a mock skeleton-like supporting structure, enabling it to stand upright under gravity, land-legs are strong but not wholly flexible any longer and cannot angle straight up past the head, arms are completely flexible and can suspend the ret'chek'r's weight without damage by hanging from a solid object with at least two arms; ret'chek'r do not have suckers but a series of circular textured hide that is extra-porous and provides excellent traction (only on the four arms; land-legs are armored with keratin); color is heavily influenced by temperature, weather, long-term mood (especially sexual receptivity; grief and aggression are also common influences), health, and diet: ret'chek color changes slowly (over the course of many hours at the fastest, over many weeks at the slowest) in correspondence to the culmination of all these factors; all ret'chek'r are hermaphrodites but do not self-fertilize: one ret'chek'r will arouse another tactilely until an opening in the 'back' of the body is revealed, then the first ret'chek'r will transfer with its arms small amounts of semen from its own body (same opening is used for ejaculation and conception) into the receptive ret'chek'r until the opening closes again (which happens once a certain volume is reached); ret'chek'r give birth to 3-5 live young in the water; like frogs, ret'chek'r begin life with gills and slowly mature to an amphibious state: their gills never fully decay, but they cannot stand being underwater for more than 5ish hours at full maturity with half-functional gills; the 'front' of the ret'chek is defined by long, vertical, closeable nostril slits; ret'chek have large eyes on the sides of their heads with two small fin-like appendages acting as high 'eyebrows' to shade them from direct light: these mobile fins also help funnel sound into the inner ear, which is located directly above the eyes and only of passing use in air, since water-sounds are transmitted into the body via vibration; like water-squids, ret'chek mouths are facing downwards on the 'belly' between all the legs, with rows of small sharp teeth that can constrict and move side to side to shred food (sphincter system of chewing) - ret'chek are generally carnivorous, preferring fish and water-based prey, but can eat some fruits and most meats; highly technological and have a crap-ton of various weapons, even firearms

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