Species: Rouss

This is not a complete write-up.

rod/water: based on hedgehog/porcupines; amphibious in lifestyle but can only breathe air; sleek coat of short, layered quills that are sharp-tipped but barbless, function as waterproof feathers would on a bird, but can be fluffed for defense/emotional display; skin is smooth and rubbery, almost like a seal's; paws are five-fingered with no thumbs and thin-boned, long-fingered, wide-spread, webbed, with sharp little hook-claws for snagging fish and other slimy things in the water (primarily reptiles); body is actually fairly sleek and otter-shaped, but capable of curling up and fluffing in defense; belly, throat, chest, and under-limbs and -tail do not have fluffable quills; face is like a leopard seal; tail is like an otter's; about 2.5' at the shoulder and quite long


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