World: Ryarna

Name: Ryarna [ree-AR-nah]

Indigenous Sentients: The only -true- native sentients of Ryarna are the rarra, but some consider select animetals to be sentient, and since animetals are only found on Ryarna, they may as well be counted.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The Bardic Collective rules Ryarna; it's a widespread guild/association of rarran bards. They don't so much set laws as they do help negotiate and mediate; they keep the peace between various rarran factions, as well as the natives and the frequent offworlder visitors, and everyone else and the animetals. The Bardic Collective also coordinates nominations and elections for rarra to fill various roles; most important are the Riders. Blue Riders are guardians, typically protecting rarran settlements against feral animetals; Red Riders are warriors, generally enforcing peace and performing the more aggressive acts of safeguarding a settlement.

Other Factions/Nations: The Riders, mentioned above. The Engineering Guild are the highly-skilled inventors, engineers, smiths, and mechanics who create and maintain animetal shells; the Bardic Collective are responsible for working with the Engineering Guild to bond an animetal spirit to its shell. The Bloodworkers are a network of animal processors; they breed, raise, keep, and slaughter animals for food. The Harvesters is a guild of gatherers, farmers, miners, trappers, and gardeners. There are other guilds, especially oriented around magical castes (largely based off human castes) and other steampunk metallurgy. There are also several nations, all united in quasi-peace through the Bardic Collective. (I'm not sure what/where they are, so I'll dig into that later.) One such nation is Kyaro, a rather dusty, spread-out flatlands nation of medium size and average economy, suffering heavily from feral animetal activities.

Description: Ryarna is a heavily settled, ecologically simple world. In its past, before the rarra become engineers and created the animetals, the ecosystems were rich and diverse; since then, the rarra have only protected their primary food sources and other animals vital for the well-being of the planet. The animetals have replaced most other "non-essential fleshies" in the ecosystem. As a result of the heavy mining and the animetal activity (primarily lots of travel), much of Ryarna is very dusty and dry.

Magic: Ryarna is a world renowned for its deep, rich store of magic. Nearly every rarra on Ryarna can work magic in some fashion, and off-worlders who visit find the vast resources of power at their fingertips to be almost overwhelming. (Rarran mages carefully oversee offworlder magic-workers, ensuring that no one uses the planet as a battlefield. Lightworkers do not police the world, and neither Lightworkers nor black magic cultists are particularly welcome.) There are no acknowledged/known gods or spiritual forces on Ryarna, other than the animetals and rarran mages themselves.

Technology: Ryarna is one of the most technologically-sophisticated worlds in the universe. They have towering cities, steam-powered ground and air transportation, and the universe-famous animetals. There really is almost no limit to what they can design, given that magic can easily power anything mechanical.

Solar System: Ryarna is one of seven worlds in the sun system of Ationa. Ationa is one of the most heavily frequented places in the universe; six of its seven worlds are very civilized, all seven engage in intersun trading, and four of those seven are very industrial. Ationa is a woven system, with its worlds tilted at varying angles and the sun drawn in a weaving pattern amongst them. Ryarna is angled outwards and upwards, its day cycle being considerably shorter than its night cycle and only one other world visible in the sky along the horizon. As a result, Ryarna's seasons are unpredictable as the world rotates horizontally (like a spinning platter) and the sun carves a daily path through the system.

Galactic Location: Two months from the Source of Light; five and a half months from Airdh; seven months from Gurhai; one month from Do'agnun.

Intersun Trading: Ryarna partakes in much of the trading that passes through Ationa. Primarily interested in technology, engineering blueprints, ore, and other tools/components of engineering. They tend to export animetal blueprints, though no other world has had consistent success in recreating the animetal phenomenon, and Ryarna hosts several highly-regarded schools of magic that are open to most traveling races and especially to scholars who wish to study on a magic-rich world.

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