World: Saecala

Name: Saecala [say-CAH-lah]

Indigenous Sentients: None.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Humans, given they colonized the place. Saecala is also a Light-policed world.

Other Factions/Nations: There are other magical factions, but they have no political power. Nations here (distinct via regional landscapes) are allied, not enemies or rivals.

Description: Saecala is a rich, primal world with a wealth of diverse flora and fauna; it's about half water and half land, with a third of its land settled or explored. It has a remarkable variety of intelligent (but not sentient) creatures and some seemingly-intelligent plants; the human colonists quickly realized that they could adopt much of this wildlife as companions and guardians. Several dozen species of animal have been partially domesticated, and human life is inextricably tied to the native creatures who make their settlements safer and more productive. Attempts have been made to bring Saecala up to the same level of technology and civilization as Navos Jorde, but the colonists seem to have hit a glass ceiling on just how much of the world they can successfully tame.

Magic: Saecala is a world quite average in magical density. Its energy is neutral and magic-workers find themselves at full power here. However, those of a bardic path find themselves in far higher demand than others, given the hand-in-hand approach the colonists have been forced to take in regards to the native wildlife of Saecala.

Technology: Saecala has low-level technology and civilization. It is a more natural lifestyle than what you'll find on Navos Jorde; the roads here are dirt or gravel, not cobblestone or cement, and there are not nearly so many. Cities are merely large towns, and towns merely large villages. Farms are spread out wherever the terrain and climate is hospitable, and most metalworking is used for tools, though there is a considerable demand for simple weapons like blades and arrows. Transportation is mostly animal-based, though the more heavily-settled areas have imported machine transportation from Navos Jorde. Technology is rarely powered by magic here; steam is its most common fuel. It does have plenty of intersun docks.

Solar System: Saecala is one of two worlds in the sun system of Nesaule. Nesaule is an elastic system, with Navos Jorde's and Saecala's surfaces pointing 'up' and 'down' respectively and the sun moving up and down between them. Since both worlds are also spinning horizontally, their rims have drastic seasons which fade in extremes as you go towards the center of the world.

Galactic Location: One month from Airdh, six weeks from Primos, eleven months and one week from Gurhai, five and a half months from Source, two and a half months from Vuh.

Intersun Trading: Saecala participates in limited intersun trading, primarily through Navos Jorde. They export natural resources to their sister-world and tend to import finished technology, usually forms of transportation.

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