World: Sige

Name: Sige [SEEJ or SI-gay]

Indigenous Sentients: None.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Human colonists. Sige is not a Light-policed world.

Other Factions/Nations: Technically, there are plenty of regional nations and magical factions, but they don't struggle for political dominance all that much.

Description: Sige is a large, rather wildlife-sparse world with more open spaces and rolling hills than dense jungles and jagged mountains. It's about two-thirds land with over half of that explored and/or settled. It lacks the diversity of flora and fauna that many other worlds (notably Saecala, of the human-colonized ones) boast, making it easy to settle and safe to plumb for resources. Speaking of which, Sige has a wealth of mineral and mine-able resources, most of which get extricated and shipped to Navos Jorde and Saecala. Despite this, Sige is not a very industrial place, being largely left untouched except for the mines themselves. Most non-miners are farmers or crafters who group together in small towns.

Magic: Sige's innate magical energy is on the low side of average. Though magic-workers find themselves near full-power here, the effects of spells are often less impressive than one might expect, as Sige tends to dull the results considerably. However, those magic-workers who live here are quite accustomed to compensating for this effect; it's the visiting ones that are caught off-guard. A startlingly low percentage of the population use magic (given the human race's overall tendency towards it); Sige is a place of manual labor - mining, farming, and crafting.

Technology: Sige does not have enough settlements to be considered truly technologically advanced, but what machinery it does have is quite efficient. The mines in particular are home to the most advanced machinery on the planet and are cutting-edge (for human tech, anyways). Comparatively, towns tend to be civilized but low-tech, and transportation is only mechanical along the roads between mines and intersun docks. There is some effective farming equipment, but the smaller farms that are starting new along the frontiers lack even that.

Solar System: Sige is one of three worlds in the sun system of Primos. Primos is a woven system, with its three worlds tilted at varying angles and the sun drawn in a weaving pattern amongst them. Sige itself is tilted upwards, with Beryck being strangley angled and Oru being downwards, Sige's opposite. As a result, Sige's seasons are unpredictable and its night-day cycle varies widely through the course of the year as Sige rotates horizontally and the sun carves a daily path through the system.

Galactic Location: Six weeks from Airdh, five months from the Source of Light, eleven months from Gurhai, and six weeks from Nesaule.

Intersun Trading: Sige partakes in limited intersun trading. It primarily exports raw resources to Nesaule and imports transportation machines and other mining technology. Sige does not trade with non-humans and only occasionally trades with Beryck; otherwise, it trades solely with Navos Jorde and Saecala.

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