World: Sivef

Name: Sivef [see-VEFF]

Indigenous Sentients: Natives of Sivef are collectively called Sivefi, though there are two very different species - Sivefi-hyunnin and Sivefi-rasarde.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The Sivefi-hyunnin run Sivef, for all intents and purposes.

Other Factions/Nations: The Sivefi-rasarde, who are scattered in tribal packs.

Description: Sivef is a moderately settled, ecologically simple world. Where some worlds, such as Airdh, have complex and diverse ecosystems with dozens of species competing within a niche, Sivef has one or two species to do the job. Sivef is about 55% water, with 80% of its land explored or settled.

Magic: Sivef is magic-dry world in most respects. There are not magic-workers among the Sivefi, but offworlder magic-workers have plenty of raw energy to work with; however, this raw energy is the life-force of the planet, flora, and fauna, and it is guarded and managed by gods. These gods are usually visible, tangible entities who tend their plots of land with single-minded devotion; they don't use magic, per se, only control the raw stuff.

Technology: Sivef does have some low-level technology. Hard-packed dirt roads network most of the settled areas of the planet, and there are lifeboat-docks in the trade cities. The trade cities hold a considerable amount of offworlder technology, including transportation and plumbing and indoor lights. However, outside of the trade cities, technology is restricted to what each town can produce - iron and steel, dirt roads, and basic facilities with no real electricity or steam engines.

Solar System: Sivef is one of twelve worlds in the sun system of Do'agnun. Do'agnun is one of the most heavily frequented places in the universe; nine of its twelve worlds are very civilized, and eleven of twelve worlds engage in some intersun trading. Do'agnun is an elastic system; its sun rises and lowers in the center of its twelve worlds, half of which are pointed 'up' (including Sivef) and half of which are pointed 'down'. With each world spinning horizontally, this produces extreme seasons along the edges of each world and more mild seasonal changes near the center of the worlds.

Galactic Location: Four weeks from the Source of Light; five weeks from the Corba system; five and a half months from Airdh; six and a half months from Gurhai.

Intersun Trading: Sivef partakes in the heavy traffic through the Do'agnun system, but less than most of its sibling planets. It has trade cities and smaller towns that welcome intersun travelers; most trade cities are very 'civilized' and multicultural. The Sivefi-hyunnin are the traders, and they often use offworlder assumptions to gain the upper hand in transactions. (Offworlders assume they are less intelligent, more pitiable, based on global technology level and their rather primitive appearance.)

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