Species: Sivefi-Hyunnin

Name: Sivefi-hyunnin [see-VEFF-ee HYOO-ninn]

Homeworld: Sivef

Height/Length/Weight: Sivefi-hyunnin are very wide, heavy, short people, but gender has no effect on size. They range from 3.5' to 4.5' tall and weigh between 150 to 230 lbs.

Physical Description: Sivefi-hyunnin are short, squat, brawny bipeds. They have very broad shoulders, wide torsos, and very little curvature to their bodies. Their feet are two-toed, each digit thick and padded, tipped in a heavy but blunt toenail; their legs are short and muscular, but plantigrade. They have long, thick, powerful tails, which they can lean back on almost as a third leg, or use to smash against objects/people when in need. Their arms are fairly humanoid in mobility, though thick and somewhat long compared to the rest of their bodies; their hands have two long, thick fingers and one heavy thumb, all fingers tipped in blunt, thick nails. Their fur is short, smooth, and generally coarse-ish (think greyhound pelt; not cat-soft, but not pig-coarse, either). Their heads are somewhat oblong with large, dark, almond-shaped eyes; they have no visible ears and a somewhat ape-like mouth, with flat lips that are surprisingly dexterous/mobile. Females have flattened, almost square breasts (largely pectoral muscles that boast a bit of mammary tissue) that only become round and soft when nursing; males have external genitalia, like humans.

Senses/Capabilities: Sivefi-hyunnin do not have great senses; they have good short-range sight, a bland sense of color (things are muted, desaturated - largely greens, browns, and greys), and human-level hearing. Their sense of smell is practically nonexistent. They are immensely strong for their size, able to easily lift their own body weight, but they're slow and not terribly flexible or agile, though their hands are surprisingly deft. They're slower runners than humans, though they can keep up such a pace far longer.

Coloration/Clothing: Sivefi-hyunnin do wear simple clothing - the most vital parts of which are wide bands of cloth about the chest and the waist. They wear trousers as well as loincloths, and often vests, along with the chest-belt and waist-belt. Cloaks are merely throw-blankets draped about the shoulders. There is no obvious distinction between male and female attire. As for coloration, 'hyunnin have a small range of coloration: medium browns, medium greys, or greybrown. They also have markings - short stripes or mottling - often just a darker or lighter shade of their fur; the fur also darkens on their extremities and faces. Specific marking+coloration is based on race.

Races/Breeds: Sivefi-hyunnin do have different ethnicities. Mainstream races include steel grey fur with almost-black stripes and mottling (Sivefi-hyunnin'al); deep brown fur with pale brown mottling (Sivefi-hyunnin'ko); pale dirt-brown fur with dark grey stripes (Sivefi-hyunnin'chuw); almost-black brown fur with black stripes (Sivefi-hyunnin'ta), and medium-light grey fur with pale mottling, almost like spots (Sivefi-hyunnin'sin). Hyunnin'al originated in the pits of an immense mountain range; they tend to be silent, steely, and hard-working. Hyunnin'ko originated from a huge stretch of evergreen forest; they're the most animalistic and have a good bond with the Sivefi-rasarde, as well as excellent woodworking skills and hunting instincts. Hyunnin'chuw are plainsdwellers, skilled in pottery and resourceful architecture, and tending towards a gregarious nature. Hyunnin'ta are cave-dwellers and fishers; skilled sailors and boatcrafters, as well as shrewd traders. Hyunnin'sin originated from a set of islands; they tend to be intensely competitive, self-interested, and cunning.

Language: Sivefi-hyunnin speak sivefan, which is considered the main/official language of Sivef. Sivefan is a slow, sonorous language with many-syllable'd words, especially for names, and a phonetic written alphabet that is tedious and complex to write. Sivefan is easily spoken by humanoids and is also manageable by the Sivefi-rasarde in their animal-bodies. It has an extensive vocabulary, including sets of words for offworlder cultures and items and magic things.

Technology: Sivefi-hyunnin are quick to adopt and adapt offworlder technology; so much so that their trade cities use indoor plumbing, indoor magical/electrical lighting, and steam-powered transportation vehicles. However, cities and towns without a heavy offworlder/merchant population are much simpler. Packed dirt roads network between nearly all 'hyunnin settlements, and stone, wood, adobe, and brick buildings form their towns. They dig wells, irrigate their fields, construct smithies, make clothing from cloth and hides, and otherwise have a fairly simple, but comfortable, level of civilization.

Magic: Sivefi-hyunnin do not use magic.

Values: Sivefi-hyunnin value two things above all: productivity, and skills that are useful to the community. Working nearly all of one's waking hours is not uncommon, and in many cities, it is downright expected. One's toil is one's life, one's productivity is a symbol of one's commitment to the community, and one's skills are used in service to others.

Social Groups/Society: Sivefi-hyunnin are more communal than family-oriented; while one's immediate family is important, since one is expected to do well by them and make them proud, one's community takes precedence over the individual family units. Sivefi-hyunnin also form craftworking guilds, which also take precedence over the family unit, but not over the town/city community as a whole. Guilds are run in a hierarchal fashion and are usually fair to those who don't run it. Some guilds strike alliances with each other, even in different cities, but cities/towns generally don't "ally" with each other.

Habitat/Settlements: Sivefi-hyunnin live in towns or cities; they tend to stay in a town or city all their life, and if they do move, they only do so once. They have an immense attachment to and pride in their communities. Though most trade cities showcase offworlder technology, the rest of the settlements are more basic and have a lower standard of living.

Religion/Beliefs: Sivefi-hyunnin have no religions. They accept that their lands are patrolled by mostly-physical gods and that they must respect the balance of the ecosystem in order to avoid the gods' wrath. They hold no particular beliefs in afterlives, karma, or deities/spirits outside of the gods that they see.

Interaction w/ Other Species: Sivefi-hyunnin are quick to take advantage of offworlders who look down on them, pity them, or underestimate them; this eagerness for an edge extends to their fellow natives, the Sivefi-rasarde. Sivefi-hyunnin do not give their respect to a non-hyunnin until that individual has thoroughly proven that s/he is as quick-witted, skilled, productive, and opportunistic as they are. They often take unfair advantage of Sivefi-rasarde, pressing them into uncompensated service or, in some rare cases, even enslaving them against their wills.

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