World: Sizimi

Name: Sizimi

Indigenous Sentients: The jelph and the dar'hal.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Technically, the Lightworker faction on Sizimi is in charge of virtually everything, despite the fact that the jelph and the dar'hal are not actual Lightworkers. (In essence, yes, the place is run by human outsiders. However, the Lightworkers do listen to the jelph and the dar'hal, so they aren't entirely excluded from running their own world.)

Other Factions/Nations: The jelph and the dar'hal primarily co-exist in posts, towns, ports, and other small settlements, though a few nomadic bands of jelphii and a few territorial packs of dar'hali still exist, refusing to intermingle. There are no defined nations.

Description: Sizimi was a large, diverse world with a healthy ecosystem until a spot of demonic influence began corrupting the land and creatures in the very center of the world. The jelph and the dar'hal swiftly fled the area, avoiding grotesque mutation, but the flora and fauna in that spot became twisted, diseased, half-living things. Lightworkers found the world soon after, despite the jelph originally requesting that the Lo'hês not allow people to visit, and offered to help in exchange for training their more advanced students on Sizimi. The jelph were forced to agree, in order to keep their entire world from succumbing to this corruption, and so now, about 20% of Sizimi's land (the world itself being 40% water) is tainted and withering. And as each year passes, more land falls under the shadow of demonic plague.

Magic: Sizimi is fairly rich with magic, though not nearly as much as Ryarna and Ztar. The most unusual thing about this innate magic is that it is aligned with the Light, whereas the vast majority of magic in worlds (outside the Source of Light) are neutral. As a result, Sizimi's natives are Light-based at birth. However, there is a source of corruption from demonic energies in the center of the world, and it is spreading slowly, despite Lightworker efforts to stop and diminish it. Rather than this corruption polarizing magic in the world, it is tainting the Light-based energies, turning 'white' to an indistinct grey over time.

Technology: Sizimi has very little advanced technology, other than the intersun docks placed strategically around its controlled patch of demon-corrupted land. On-world, civilization is limited to some metalworking (primarily weaponry) in certain areas, woodworking (primarily buildings and carts) nearly everywhere, and sophisticated purification methods (cauldrons to boil water, wood stoves to cook meat, etc). They don't generally use technologically to manipulate the land (no irrigation or plumbing, no dams or windmills).

Solar System: Sizimi resides in the Os system, fifth of five worlds. The Os system is one of the most frequented places in the universe, all of its worlds participating in some form of intersun trade or education.

Galactic Location: Two and a half months from the Source of Light, three months and three weeks from Gurhai, eight and a half months from Airdh, three months from Do'agnun and four months from Ationa.

Intersun Trading: Sizimi itself does not engage in trading goods, but it is one of the preferred places to train Lightworkers. The world itself is slowly becoming corrupted by demonic energies, and since the dar'hal can scent/sense where corruption lies, the Lightworkers-in-training help them purify it and, in doing so, learn how to track it themselves. Once trained, Lightworkers leave the world, but there are enough students of the Light circulating through Sizimi to keep it from succumbing to demonic influence. Intersun ship docks are carefully monitored by both Lightworkers and the native species; any black magicians, cultists, warlocks, or others of that sort are killed on sight.

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