System: Source of Light

Name: Source of Light
Galactic Location: The exact center of the universe.
Neighboring Systems: .5 months away from Corba to the north-west; 1.5 months away from Carennh to the north-north-east; 2.5 months away from Os to the north-east; 1.75 months away from Eusa'lae to the south-east; 1 month away from Do'agnun to the south; 1.75 months away from Am-nyana to the west.
Worlds In System: Luminust, Quisha, Eregged, Deonna, Camma
Natives: luirkan
Colonists: human

System Formation: Third Category. The five worlds are arranged in a rough circle around the sun, four of the worlds at approximately the same distance in an down-up-down-down pattern and one world closer to the sun facing upwards. This arrangement balances the polarity of the worlds' gravitic ore layers and keeps the sun oscillating vertically in the center of the circle, creating a mostly-equal night-day cycle. Seasonal changes are fairly predictable, since the worlds are spinning horizontally while the sun stays on the same vertical axis; seasons are more extreme near the edges of the worlds and taper into a seasonless temperate zone in the very center of the world.
About the System: The Source is the origin of the Light and home to the original Lightworkers, luirkanni. Black magic weakens to the point of uselessness while in the system; all worlds have a Light-magic affinity and other forms of magic, even neutral forms, are much less effective than elsewhere. Only humans are allowed as official colonists, though Lightworkers of any race may visit and individually live. Very little trade and technology exists in the Source.

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