Species: Tahori

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The tahori are a species of shapeshifters who possess three distinct forms or skins. The first skin is quite humanoid and can usually pass as a genuine human; the second skin is a very large beast with few visual indicators of intelligence; the third skin is a bipedal hybrid between the first two skins. Tahori utilize qki to shapeshift and may or may not have a predisposition towards magic.

All but one race of tahori originate from Alasa Ka in the Ka sun system. The races are as follows:

  • inlanlu tahori - wolf shifters
  • atihresi tahori - cat shifters
  • dosa tahori - bear shifters
  • izune tahori - bird shifters
  • ehsora tahori - horse shifters
  • aresa tahori - snake shifters
  • kahashi tahori - shark shifters

Keusune tahori are from At-lasa in the Dri sun system. They are often referred to as "Others" and typically treated as set apart from the rest of the tahori species.

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