Species: Tchen

This is not a complete write-up.

Tchen(ne), four-armed simians. Large and brawny, heavily-muscled, thick. Hunching back; top pair of arms are extremely long, bowed outwards, walks on knuckles, hands are huge and gnarled and almost pawlike (no claws). Lower pair of arms are leaner but still very long, able to touch fingertips to the ground when standing normally (but not walk on knuckles, not quite); hands are three-fingered with a thumb on either side, making for five digits per hand - these hands are softer-skinned and more slender, far more dexterous, and often carried half-coiled up to the torso, though can walk on the padded fingertips as well. Hind legs are shorter but very powerful, capable of surprising leaps; came from rocky/craggy areas, where jumping across chasms and from ridge to ridge was more useful than climbing trees or running on flatlands. Hind paws resemble backward ape-hands, three fingers pointing backwards to more easily catch on edges post-leap, one pseudo-thumb pointing to the outside. Shortish, thick, muscular tail that ends in an array of clutching tailtips, not individually prehensile but perfect for catching onto rough surfaces or holding/carrying reasonably sized objects. Thin, coarse hair-like fur with a mane that goes from top of skull, down neck, over shoulders, and halfway down back. Gorilla-like faces with heavy brows and omnivorous teeth. Females have four teats, not obvious when not nursing; males have external (but sheathed) genitalia. Not fast at all, but can sprint, and super-strong. Largely militaristic; physically patriarchal but domestically matriarchal.

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