World: Airdh (The First World)

Name: Airdh [AIRTH, 'th' as in 'the' not 'threat'] / The First World

Indigenous Sentients: Humans. None.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The Light.

Other Factions/Nations: N/A.

Description: Airdh was the first world in the entire universe to be created, and it is one of two spherical (rather than circular-flat) worlds, the other being the Last World. Much like Gurhai, Airdh has a mind-boggling variety of terrain and climates. It is thought that every possible landscape and weather pattern that exists in the entire universe can be found here in some form. Similarly, every single non-sentient, non-magical creature and plant that exists in the universe has one sole representative here. These god-creatures are immortal; they do not die permanently, though they go through a lifecycle of birth-growth-decay-death-rebirth and they can kill each other (for food, etc). At the dawn of each day, that which died is reborn again whole; if a god-creature is killed during the non-death part of its cycle, it will be reborn in the same stage of that cycle as when it died. (An adult buffalo will come back as an adult; a sapling trampled underfoot will come back as a sapling.) Humans once existed on Airdh but were removed when they became populous enough to disrupt this universal ecology. Airdh itself is exactly half land, half water.

Magic: The Light infuses Airdh. The Light may have its Source elsewhere, but it is deeply bound to Airdh and, in fact, is what keeps the god-creatures continually alive and renewing. Despite this richness, nearly all of the Light-affinity magic is tied up in the living creatures of the world or in the world itself; very little is 'available' for use by magic-workers, should any be there. Like Gurhai, then, this world cannot be considered one of the top five magic-dense worlds, simply because the energy is all bound to physical structures or otherwise controlled.

Technology: There is no technology on Airdh. The humans were removed from it long before they developed any sort of tech.

Solar System: Airdh is the only planet in its self-named sun system. It is at the beginning of the elliptical universe. Its sun revolves around it in a vertical orbit, so that Airdh's horizontal revolutions produce more extreme seasons along the equator and less changing weather patterns towards the north and south poles.

Galactic Location: One full year from Gurhai, six months from the Source of Light, one month from Nesaule, and six weeks from Primos.

Intersun Trading: Airdh does not partake in any form of trading or interaction with the rest of the universe. The Lightworkers protect Airdh's sanctity as the First World with as much force as they can muster, and no sentient mortal has been on the planet's surface in aeons.

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