World: The Last World (Gurhai)

Name: Gurhai / The Last World [gur-HIGH]

Indigenous Sentients: The Gurhai and their wardens inhabit the Last World.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Since the Gurhai are gods, they seem to be the primary faction.

Other Factions/Nations: The wardens.

Description: The Last World is one of only two worlds in the entire universe that is spherical instead of flat. As such, it is absolutely huge, compared to the flat worlds, and has every conceivable terrain and climate. There are Gurhai in virtually every nook and cranny of the Last World, though their wardens cannot follow them to the most extreme of places. In geography and weather, the Last World has a very similar range as that of the First World; however, there are no living creatures on the Last World other than the wardens and no incorporeal entities other than the Gurhai.

Magic: The Last World is one of the top five most magic-rich worlds in the universe. There is a Gurhai-and-warden pair for every single aspect of magic that exists; and all magic that exists in the universe exists on the Last World. However, all magic on the Last World is controlled by the Gurhai and their wardens, down to every last aspect. While it is possible to use magic on the Last World, a Gurhai or a warden can freeze all magic of that type, even to the point where neither god nor warden can use it. Neither Gurhai nor wardens use spells or rituals; they only employ the innate abilities of their aspects.

Technology: There is no technology on the Last World.

Solar System: The Last World is the only world in its system, generally referred to as the Last Sun or the Gurhai system.

Galactic Location: At the far end of the universe, a full year's speedy travel from the First World and six months from the Source of Light.

Intersun Trading: None. Most people, even intersun traders and explorers, don't even know the Last World exists, let alone precisely where it is.

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