World: Thurmenyan

Name: Thurmenyan [thur-MEN-yahn]

Indigenous Sentients: Thurmenyan is the homeworld to the halasshi, one of the three top intersun-traveling species, and the gnits.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Technically, the halasshi are in charge of Thurmenyan; however, they appear nonchalant and unconcerned with what other races and factions on doing on their homeworld. Despite this seeming apathy and ignorance, the halasshi monitor other races very closely - just unobserved by those they watch.

Other Factions/Nations: Humans have a hefty presence on Thurmenyan, though they are as disparate within their own factions, castes, and professions as anywhere else in the universe.

Description: Thurmenyan is a world that was once very primal and rich in its diversity; from that primitive jungle, the halasshi emerged, and they tamed the wilderness with civilization. By the time they were exploring their own solar system, they encountered the very first wave of human sailors, and the two races have been allies and fellow travelers ever since. In modern days, Thurmenyan is largely industrialized, mines and factories and sweeping cities taking up nearly three quarters of available land. (Thurmenyan itself is 60% land.) There are innumerable intersun-ship docks, both for the biggest ships and for the non-living lifeboats down to the surface; in most cities, there are also steam- and magic-powered transports, both air and ground. The buildings and roadways seem unnecessarily huge to most who visit, but they are merely a comfortable proportion for the halasshi.

Magic: Thurmenyan has an average amount of magical energy. Magic-workers who frequent there have no problems finding enough energy to work various spells; however, due to a large number of black magic cults and renegades taking refuge on Thurmenyan, much of the planet's magic is tainted. Since the native halasshi don't work magic, they don't care about arcane pollution caused by the large number of human (and nonhuman) magic-workers.

Technology: Thurmenyan is one of the five most technological worlds in the universe.

Solar System: Thurmenyan resides in the Ationa system, the second of seven worlds. Ationa is one of five heavily frequented places in the universe; six of its seven worlds are very civilized, all seven engage in intersun trading, and four of those seven are very industrial.

Galactic Location: Two months from the Source of Light; five and a half months from Airdh; seven months from Gurhai; one month from Do'agnun.

Intersun Trading: Thurmenyan partakes in intersun trading, but not as much as its technological sophistication would imply. It tends to be more of a destination for travelers, crafters, and arcane engineers, rather than a place that produces many goods to be traded. Thurmenyan has some of the finest academies, magical and technological, in existence, and its location fairly close to the center of the universe boosts attendance at these schools.

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