Language: Uhjayi Names

Silverwood Wolves
Sachi - [inverse] [among/between] - she who is not amongst others.
Sedehri - [alive] [culture/tradition] [action] - she who lives immersed in culture.
Jefasu - [masculine] [quick] [take] - he who is quick and aggressive.
Zihasi - [specific] [multiple] [accept/receptive] - she who is welcomed by those she chooses.
Yayika - [light/brightness] [warmth] [manifestation of] - she who is fire.
Jekaya - [masculine] [manifestation of] [light/brightness] - he who is light.
Tevura - [sight] [beneath] [creating/birth] - she who sees beyond the act of creation.
Desheh - [need/require] [subjectivity] - he who demands personal truth.
Syhali - [lone] [multiple] [parallel] - he who walks the line between solitude and companionship.
Nakeya - [combine/unite] [learn/memorize] [light/brightness] - she who brings knowledge to light.

Clearwater Wolves
Akuya - [order/pattern] [neutral] [light/brightness] - he who creates objective order.
Aleko - [order/pattern] [making/construction] [like/enjoy/approve of] - he who creates pleasing order.
Rydoni - [smart] [backward] [fleshy body] - she who favors intelligence over flesh.
Nihmasu - [short] [choice/decision] [take] - he who chooses swiftly and firmly.
Kada - [manifestation of] [feminine] - she who is all that is woman.
Lalo - [deliberate/meaningful] [and] - she who is deliberate in her chosen company.

Hightail Cats
Thero - [impersonal] [distant] - he who is impersonal and distant.
Rafa - [creating/birth] [quick] - he who is swift to create.
Tenan(i) - [sight] [combine/unite] [fleshy body] - she who combines observation with action.
Jekona - [masculine] [like/enjoy/approve of] [combine/unite] - he who enjoys bringing others together.

Swiftwind Cats
Tari - [push/force] [action] - he who is forceful in his actions.
Jazisu - [relation] [specific] [take] - she who takes part in specific relationships.
Atura - [order/pattern] [to the left] [creating/birth] - he who creates order in unorthodox ways.
Jihsenu - [small] [alive] [open] - she who lets few into her life.

Vessick Tahori
Gerehn(i) - [hard/unyielding] [caused by] [fleshy body] - he whose mind is strong because his body is strong.
Kuvari - [neutral] [parent] [action] - he who leads without rank.
Savedo - [inverse] [obvious/clear] [backward] - he who is unpredictable.
Ki-are - [primary] [order/pattern] [mirth] - she who promotes a habit of joy.


  • The 'she who' and 'he who' is implied/inferred, except where [DA] (feminine) and [JE] (masculine) are found in the names.
  • Sedehri was Sachi's birthname. Jefasu was Je's birthname.
  • Jekaya was Dakaya originally; Jazisu was Jezisu.
  • I switched Kada and Nihmasu's names, as well as Atura's and Jihsenu's, for gender accuracy purposes.
  • I like how Sachi's and Thero's translations came out.
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