Language: Uhjayi Species

The tahori are one species. The inlanlu, atihresi, dosa, izune, aresa, ehsora, kahashi, and keusunes are sub-species, and every sub-species but for the kahashi and the keusunes have individual races.

In summary:

  • The tahori are a species of shapeshifters, occasionally called the ka-ehni or the ka-ehnen.
  • Inlanlu tahori are wolf shifters, comprised of kahadhe inlanlu (forest wolves), vuha inlanlu (desert wolves), uhkaya inlanlu (arctic wolves), and kykadheh inlanlu (ancient wolves).
  • Atihresi tahori are cat shifters, comprised of kasayi atihresi (arctic cats), mereri atihresi (laughing cats), kakygu atihresi (big cats), nakamiri atihresi (hunter cats), kadhu atihresi (black cats), gekayo atihresi (rock cats), and akini atihresi (wolfish cats).
  • Dosa inlanlu are bear shifters, comprised of okesa dosa (forest bears) and kashuh dosa (water bears).
  • Izune inlanlu are bird shifters, comprised of guni izune (broad-winged birds), fakeh izune (smart birds), farini izune (fast birds), sakho izune (silent birds), sa-ehkashuh izune (lake birds), akafuh izune (drumming birds), lykanunimi izune (long-legged birds), hafyuh izune (colorful birds), and gekasayi izune (ice birds).
  • Ehsora inlanlu are horse shifters, comprised of kadhuhvu ehsora (draft horses), kajykeh ehsora (mad horses), and kafa ehsora (fast horses).
  • Aresa inlanlu are serpent shifters, comprised of kashyme aresa (hooded snakes), valih aresa (constricting snakes), and kafuh aresa (rattling snakes).
  • Kahashi are shark shifters; they have no individual races.
  • Keusunes are "elsewise" shifters; they have no individual races.

The primary name is in bold; alternates are noted by "alt. [primary term]".

species summation root structure translation
tahori shapeshifters [push/force] [expand/increase] [action] to force an expansion
ka-ehni (alt. tahori) "" [manifestation of] [dynamic change] [fleshy body] a malleable, shifting body
ka-ehnen or ka-ehneni (alt. tahori) "" [manifestation of] [dynamic change] [person] a shapeshifter
sub-species race summation root structure translation
in(a)lan(i)lu wolves [quality] [combine/unite] [deliberate] [fleshy body] [sleek/smooth] seamless unity of body and purpose
"" kahadhe timber wolves [manifestation of] [multiple] [common/generic] the common ones
"" vuha red wolves [below] [many] rare
"" uhkashuhni (alt. vuha) "" [color] [manifestation of] [wet] [fleshy body] blood-colored; red
"" uhkaya arctic wolves [color] [manifestation of] [light] pale-colored
"" kasayi (alt. uhkaya) "" [manifestation of] [cold] snow, ice
"" kykadheh dire wolves [large] [manifestation of] [ancient] big, old ones
"" mezono (alt. kykadheh) "" [physical appearance] [negative] [more than] unfortunately larger
atihresi cats [order/pattern] [raise] [mirth] [accept/receptive] elevated, joyful, receptive rhythm
"" kasayi arctic cats [manifestation of] [cold] coldness
"" dhu-ayi (alt. kasayi) "" [dark] [pattern] [light] dark stripes on pale fur
"" mereri cheetahs [physical appearance] [mirth] [action] seemingly laughing
"" fakajimi (alt. mereri) "" [fast] [manifestation of] [temporary] [travel] racer
"" kakygu Barbary lions [manifestation of] [large] [wide] big
"" okuyi (alt. kakygu) "" [exist] [neutral] [cold] lives in the cool places
"" kydhunen (alt. kakygu) "" [large] [dark] [person] large, dark-colored person
"" uhyo (alt. kakygu) "" [color] [world (surface)] brown
"" kyuhyo (alt. kakygu) "" [large] [color] [world (surface)] big and brown
"" nakamiri leopards [deliberate] [manifestation of] [travel] [action] hunter
"" kajih (alt. nakamiri) "" [manifestation of] [tiny] smallness
"" kadhu black jaguars [manifestation of] [dark] black
"" vysure (alt. kadhu) "" [different] [take] [mirth] strange joy-takers
"" gekayo cougars [hard] [manifestation of] [earth (surface)] rock
"" leselo (alt. gekayo) "" [making/construction] [alive] [and] building and living
"" migekayonen (alt. gekayo) "" [travel] [rocks] [person] rock-scrambler
"" akini lynxes/bobcats [order/pattern] [primary/important] [fleshy body] valuing the body's structure
"" jho-inlanlu (alt. akini) "" [similar to] [wolf] wolfish
ehsora horses [dynamic change] [inside of] [creating/birth] change within creation
"" kadhuhvu or kavudhuh draft horses [manifestation of] [weight] [below] heavy-footed/-hoofed
"" fynodhuh (alt. kadhuhvu) "" [extreme] [more than] [heavy] biggest
"" kajykeh Arabians [manifestation of] [anti] [thought] mindlessness
"" karhe (alt. kajykeh) "" [manifestation of] [uncontrolled/free] wild, feral
"" kafa Thoroughbreds [manifestation of] [fast] speed
"" li-ehtysayo (alt. kafa) "" [parallel/along with] [wind] along with the wind
"" fatysayo (alt. kafa) "" [fast] [less than] [sky] quick air
dosa bears [backward] [inverse] upright, external
ka-i (alt. dosa) "" [manifestation of] [substance] solidity
"" okesa grizzlies [exist] [learn/memorize] [inverse] existence without memory
"" kashuh polar bears [manifestation of] [wet] water
"" ehkashuh (alt. kashuh) "" [moving] [manifestation of] [wet] river, stream
izune birds [quality/substance] [connected] [self/identity] the connection between the external world and the self
"" guni eagles [wide] [fleshy body] broad(-winged)
"" fakeh corvids [fast] [thought] quick-witted
"" farini hawks/falcons [swift] [movement] [fleshy body] quick-moving
"" sakho owls [inverse] [loud] quiet, silent
"" sa-ehkashuh ducks/geese [static] [manifestation of] [wet] lake, pond
"" kashuh (alt. sa-ehkashuh) "" [manifestation of] [wet] water
"" akafuh woodpeckers [order/pattern] [manifestation of] [loud] rhythm, cadence
"" rifuhakhylykasani (alt. akafuh) "" [verb] [loud] [order/pattern] [against] [tall] [manifestation of] [fibrous body] drumming on wood/trees
"" samisihlykasani (alt. akafuh) "" [stay] [close/near] [tall] [manifestation of] [fibrous body] arboreal
"" lykasani (alt. akafuh) "" [tall] [manifestation of] [fibrous body] tree
"" lykanunimi storks/cranes [long] [manifestation of] [open] [body] [travel] long stride
"" fylyvih (alt. lykanunimi) "" [very] [tall] [narrow] slender
"" hafyuh parrots [many] [very] [color] brightly multi-colored
"" ayelu (alt. hafyuh) "" [order/pattern] [stop/finish] [sleek/smooth] seamless completion of a pattern
"" gekasayi arctic [hard] [manifestation of] [cold] ice
"" adeso (alt. gekasayi) "" [order/pattern] [need/require] [inside of] vital internal structure
aresa snakes [order/pattern] [mirth] [inverse] laughing chaos; anarchy
"" kashyme cobras [manifestation of] [conceal] [looks] hidden appearance
"" valih constrictors [parent] [original] unchanged origins
"" gymurhi (alt. valih) "" [strong] [harmful] [grasp] crushing
"" kafuh rattlers [manifestation of] [loud] noise
"" fuhka-a (alt. kafuh) "" [loud] [manifestation of] [pattern] noisy rhythm
kahashi sharks [many] [manifestation of] [sharp] multiple sharp things (teeth)
sasemiyukashuh (alt. kahashi) "" [death] [travel] [through] [manifestation of] [wet] death in the water
keusune others [learn/memorize] [emotional feeling] [take] [identity] understanding that emotions govern identity as seen by others


  • Kahadhe inlanlu were called kazo inlanlu pre-root. Kazo = negativity.
  • Uhkaya inlanlu were called tehkulu inlanlu pre-root. Tehkulu = bland.
  • Kasayi atihresi were called sihda atihresi pre-root. Sihda = feminine.
  • Kadhuhvu ehsora were called rirone ehsora pre-root. Rirone = far from self.
  • Kajykeh ehsora were called kala ehsora pre-root. Kala = deliberateness.
  • Kafa ehsora were called vika ehsora pre-root. Vika = recognition.
  • Kashuh dosa were called ihvana dosa pre-root. Ihvana = strength of unified parents.
  • Guni izune were called dageh izune pre-root. Dageh = barren (as in womb).
  • Fakeh izune were called vuhma izune pre-root. Vuhma = willfully blind to choice (stubborn).
  • Sakho izune were called nuna izune pre-root. Nuna = open unity.
  • Farini izune were called akyvasa izune pre-root. Akyvasa = large structure of offspring.
  • Sa-ehkashuh izune were called lutinu izune pre-root. Lutinu = smoothly open.
  • Akafuh izuen were called ronsech izune pre-root. Ron(a)sech(i) = combining distance with companionship to survive.
  • Hafyuh izune were called hiru izune pre-root. Hiru = workplace.
  • Kashyme aresa were called ihzuyo aresa pre-root. Ihzuyo = strength in connection to the earth.
  • Kafuh aresa were called hidayu aresa pre-root. Hidayu = the innate feminine in a place.
  • Kahashi were called safi pre-root. Safi = incapability.
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