Language: Uhjayi Vocabulary 1.0

This is going to be an A-Z index of vocabulary, organized more like an Uhjayi-to-English dictionary than a series of charted derivations like the root system. It will not include roots, but it will include practical root derivations and multi-root vocabulary - the stuff you'd be using in conversation, rather than concepts behind the language.

The Notes field will make mention of the original structure of a word (e.g., inalanilu being the original of inlanlu), any important culture or lore bits, the extended translation of a word, a word's root structure, and/or anything else that crops up.

We're organizing this by Uhjayi words, instead of English words, for the sheer purpose that most words don't have a direct, easy translation to either side. Use CTRL+F to find an English word for which you need a translation, or use the site search up at the top-right of the page.

Word Translation Notes
Alasa Ka organic structure Alasa Ka is the name of the tahori homeworld. It was Alasa-ca pre-root.
dadumi female guide Dadumi is the term used for the female ehsora leader.
emigonu rightful, open movement Emigonu is the term used for the middle or hybrid skin of the tahori.
hamin many journeys brought together Hamina is the original word. This term is used for the humanoid skin of the tahori.
jesakhinen male guardian Jesakhinen is the term used for the male ehsora protector.
jyikase qki Physical energy, as opposed to magical energy.
khisakhi warrior
kidunen leader Kidunen is the term for an inlanlu alpha.
kikhinen primary attacker Kikhinen is the term used for an inlanlu gamma, or battle-leader.
kokhisakhi chosen warrior Kokhisakhi is the term used for an elite atihresi warrior.
osaya captured light Osaya crystals store, channel, and amplify raw magic and qki. They're also the hardest substance on Alasa Ka.
sakhinen defender Sakhinen is the term used for an inlanlu guard.
sanero un-label-able; close to true self Sanero is the term used for the bestial skin of the tahori.
sydunen lone leader Sydunen is the term used for an atihresi alpha.
tykidunen secondary leader Tykidunen is the term for an inlanlu beta.
uhjayi visual representation of physical life Uhjayi is the common tongue of the inlanlu tahori.
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