Species: Vanalaran

This is not a complete write-up.

It was a spider monkey, almost literally, with arms longer than a human and legs half the length. It walked on its hands and feet, long digits balled into fists, knuckles wide and callused like pawpads. Its head was nine or ten feet off the ground, but its torso was no larger than a human child, all its muscle and weight in the powerful shoulders and haunches. Its frame was lean and streamlined, wiry and sharply defined in all but the face; its genitals were prominent and large, each individual possessing both a penis and a vaginal opening - a cloaca, which would explain why the head of the penis is three-pronged, with two of the three tips considerably smaller and shorter than the main. The creature has soft, thick, supple skin like aged leather, with body hair thick enough to be considered a pelt along its shoulders, back, and head. Its face is strange, indented in the middle with bulging eyes facing a little outwards, wise nostrils separated by the valley of its midline, heavy brows over its round pale eyes, and a split mouth that juts out sharply on either side (two pointy chins). It has sharp teeth, no fangs, and molars in the back of its jaw. Its ears are veined like wings or leaves and protrude from the sides of its head vertically; they cannot be moved but to be folded downwards or flared upwards/outwards. They're black, dark greys, dark reds, dark browns, the hairs much darker than the skin. Frighteningly intelligent and wise, gentle and deft in touch, and quite the tinkerers.

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