World: Vuh Ita

Name: Vuh Ita [vuh EE-tah]

Indigenous Sentients: Vuh Ita is home to the tache.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): Each clan of taches has a warlord; before the war, clans would fight each other for resources and honor, but since the planet's near-destruction, the few remaining warlords begrudgingly work together for the survival of their race. In that sense, they are the ruling faction.

Other Factions/Nations: Clans also have factions of warriors, hunters/providers, and craftsmen. Every clansman, no matter gender, is in one of those three groups, unless he is warlord (in which case, he came from the warrior class).

Description: Vuh Ita is a ruined planet. Once, it was a world covered in rolling hills and monstrously huge trees, but a war brought home by its natives destroyed most of its resources and nearly broke the entire planet into pieces. Now, it stands mutilated, most of its wildlife extinct or evolved into twisted, vicious forms of life that scrape out a living by consuming each other, since there is so little edible greenery left on the ground. The few patches of land that still have trees are the refuges of the last few taches who survived the war by hiding; they defend their bedraggled territories with a ferocity unmatched by any who might pay them a visit. Deep into the wastelands, far enough from what few trees are left, it is as going off-world in a ship - the air thins to almost intolerable levels.

Magic: Vuh Ita was one of the top five magic-rich worlds in the universe, until the war that ravaged the planet and disrupted its innate magic. Now it is barely richer than average, but magical 'hot-spots' still exist where trees still stand and wind still blows…

Technology: Vuh Ita was once a fairly technological world, possessing many intersun docks (built and maintained by the tache) and many grand shipyards (for the tache designed and built their own intersun ships). There were cities of stone and metal, great smithies and forges that crafted the finest weapons and ship-parts and building materials. Nearly all of this is gone - cities are mere ruins, ghost-towns unoccupied by any but beasts and tendrils of encroaching jungle. A few docks still remain, most of them damaged; only a handful of small, unarmed intersun ships survived, most of those damaged as well, and many left hidden. Smaller, more primitive forges and smithies have been rebuilt in the pockets of land untouched by war; towns only a fraction of the size of old cities have been raised, barely large enough to house the tache survivors. There are immeasurable amounts of wreckage and parts and salvageable metal in the lands outlying the refuges, if an engineer is bold and strong enough to get them and bring them back.

Solar System: Vuh Ita is in the Vuh sunsystem, the third of three worlds. The Vuh system is fairly civilized, having been the first conquest of the tache when they began building ships, after the halasshi came and showed them how to travel between the stars. The other two worlds did not suffer as badly as Vuh Ita when the war followed the tache home, but they still were attacked and their technological progress set back considerably as a result - not to mention the widespread loss of life. Taches who took refuge on those worlds were hunted down and wiped out, but the natives were (mostly) left alone, unless they took up arms against the invaders.

Galactic Location: Three months from Airdh, three months and one week from the Source of Light, nine months and one week from Gurhai, and one and a half months from both Ka and Lo-N-Fas-R systems. (Two months and three weeks from Erdor.)

Intersun Trading: Vuh Ita used to engage heavily in intersun trading, primarily in fine weapons and armor as an export. Now, however, it is a place to be avoided on every merchant's starmap - even the black market doesn't venture there any longer, except for one or two daring pirates who think they can, in time, earn the tache's favor.

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