World: Vyza

Name: Vyza [VY-zah]

Indigenous Sentients: Vyza is home to the tuaha and aduina.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): None.

Other Factions/Nations: None.

Description: Vyza is a peaceful, primitive world whose surface is mostly covered with water, both salt and fresh. Vyza is a surprisingly large world with strong gravity, making it dangerous for large intersun ships to sail too close, lest the world pull them down. As a result of the stronger gravity, Vyzans seem abnormally strong for their builds. Vyza has a wide variety of flora and fauna, most of which is relatively unaffected by the small populations of sentient creatures living among them.

Magic: Vyza has a fairly high concentration of magical energy, but what makes it unique is the fact that the magic is not neutral, as it is in most worlds - it's bardic in alignment. Vyza's energy is so strongly bardic that magic of any other kind cannot be used - it must have something of the Light and something druidic in it in order to be wielded, and most magic is expressed musically in song, chant, dance, or even story or poem. Being on Vyza opens a magic-sensitive person to hearing all the voices of the spirits in the world, the plants, and the animals, and those especially attuned to such voices often find the enhancement almost overwhelming. In comparison, other worlds would seem silent and dead to any Vyzan who traveled away from their home.

Technology: Vyza has no technology on it. There is one small, poorly-maintained intersun dock that the halasshi made and the humans repair; the rare visitors who stop by to experience Vyza's bardic magic are forced to take a small lifeboat to the surface, rather than approach the ground in a larger boat.

Solar System: Vyza is one of three worlds in the Ancaza sun system; only Antra is remotely civilized, with Vyza and Racamarai being relatively primitive. Ancaza is in a corner of the universe that is rarely visited, except by scholars wishing to study the bardic magic of Vyza or the Bondeds of Antra.

Galactic Location: Three and a half months from the Source of Light, five and a half months from Gurhai, eight and a half months from Airdh, and three months from both Do'agnun and Ationa.

Intersun Trading: Vyza does not engage in intersun trading. Any visitors that come do so for educational purposes; they bring nothing with them to barter and seek nothing to export.

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