Species: Warden

Name: warden(s)

Homeworld: Gurhai / The Last World

Height/Length/Weight: Wardens are large, with some variation in size and build by aspect. For the most part, they average 6.5-7' high at the shoulders, 12-14' feet long (plus another 10 feet of tail), and weigh roughly 1500 lbs.

Physical Description: Wardens are six-legged non-tauroid creatures, presumed to be mammals because of the presence of fur, who live only to bond to a Gurhai and share control over an aspect. An aspect can be fire, chill, metal, fatigue, blindness, pain, etc. Every aspect in the universe has a corresponding Gurhai-warden pair on the Last World. A warden is its Gurhai's control; either they can both use the aspect, or the warden can ensure that neither can. (Gurhai and wardens can both freeze the aspect for a non-warden, non-Gurhai, although such visitors are insanely rare.) Getting back to the physical description… Wardens do not breed, do not eat or drink or eliminate wastes, and live until killed; they are 'born' adult and do not age. They have long-muzzled faces, round eyes, ursine nostrils, and strange branching tendrils, velvety and waving, in place of ears - the fleshy tines may be an receptor of spirit-senses, a way to communicate, or an appendage to conduct magic. They tend to be thick-bodied with a feline sort of flexibility and grace, their torso extending into a long, prehensile tail. Their hind legs are muscular and slightly longer than their forelegs, ending in broad four-toed paws with large, curving, semi-sharp claws. They have four forelegs, the shoulders pushed close together, limbs strong; their foremost two paws have four long digits and an opposable thumb, all sharply clawed, and their second pair of forepaws have more feline paws with no thumb but the same hook-like claws. They have thick hides with a sleek, soft pelt.

Senses/Capabilities: Wardens have excellent sight, both physical and spiritual, day and night. They also have very keen hearing and fine senses of smell. Physically, they are strong, swift, enduring, and agile, with specifics being based on their aspects.

Coloration/Clothing: Wardens wear no clothing. Their coloration is determined by their aspects and can be any imaginable color with any markings.

Races/Breeds: They are striated by whether they're an active warden or an inactive/unassigned warden. The active wardens are also distinct by aspect.

Language: The wardens speak a peculiar language that can be understood by any sentient creature, though it is translated as though the warden speaks in the listener's native tongue. The language sounds strange - physical sounds that are unintelligible, much like an animal's growling and coughing, can be heard underlying the mentally-translated-and-understood words.

Technology: Wardens use no technology.

Magic: Wardens can only use the magic of their aspects. Also, wardens have an aura of intimidation about them (perceived by non-Gurhai, non-wardens), though this is unintentional and more a birthright than a magical effect.

Values: Values depend on the aspect. Wardens don't have any values beyond their aspect; for all intents and purposes, they are the living, physical incarnations and guardians of their aspects.

Social Groups/Society: Before becoming a full-fledged warden, they live in large, cramped groups. Wardens have no gender and so do not breed; new wardens are 'born' adult when old wardens die. At any time, there is an inactive warden for each active warden - no more, no less.

Habitat/Settlements: Wardens live in virtually every nook and cranny of the world, though they cannot fly nor swim too deeply. They follow their Gurhai and do not have any bonds with other wardens beyond how their aspects interact.

Religion/Beliefs: Well, wardens are partnered with gods, so in that sense of religion…

Interaction w/ Other Species: Wardens almost never come into contact with other species. When they do, they interact with them as they would another warden, guided by their aspects.

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