Species: Wezza

This is not a complete write-up.

arth/winged: based on Japanese spider crab; primary eight legs have wings/fins folded alongside the back of the leg, and it walks on its 'knuckles' (there is an additional joint and a short length of leg that is cocked off the ground, behind the point of contact, acting as the wing finger); wings are vaned at each leg-joint, not just the wing-finger-joint, and are very long but fairly narrow, since there are eight of them; there is a tail similar to a lobster's, but with the appendage itself very slender and a little flattened, with many little vanes (a pair, one on each side, for each joint in the plating) perma-extended to support its fintail; the tail is about twice the creature's length and fairly flexible up-down but not side to side; body is small, compact, and mostly round in the center of all the legs and the tail; face is actually lobster-like, with the mouth-tentacles, which surround a long, tentacular proboscis (it's a nectar-drinker, also a scavenger that can do the fly thing of puree-ing dead flesh and slurping it up); its eyes are on cartilaginous stalks, fairly short and extended forwards and outwards from its temples; wing membrane is surprisingly tough and wing vanes are bendy, so wing injuries are fairly rare

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