Species: x'Ema

This is not a complete write-up.

arth/water: lobster like; very long fan-tail (still scaled but almost serpentine along the length); (eight) strong stick-legs for centipede-like movement on land; arms are long and end not in pincers but in hooks, like a two-pronged fisherman's hook with the hooks pointing back at the creature's face, with the hooks horizontal when arms are extended (used both in fishing and in pulling self along on land by the various dangly flora); face is somewhat lobster-like, a little flatter and wider than rounded off, and features a large beak beneath the (about ten) small tentacles lining the mouth, which are barbed and quite deft (and used in communication, along with sound); coloration is extremely detailed and individual, often much brighter than anything else on their homeworld and used to find each other; swim largely with the body and tail, the stick-legs tucked in around the belly for added protection and the hook-arms brought near the chest, ready to shoot out and snag a fish

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