Species: Xaol

This is not a complete write-up.

xaol (zowl), 4-5' horizontal-spine bipeds, warm-blooded reptiles (saurians, technically), predators, hairless; naturally good with most forms of magic, a particular discipline uses cloaking shadow-magic in combat (making them banshees, according to the human magic system, though no other warlockish magic is used; xaol call them shadow-hunters for obvious reasons); primitive technology, barely more than rough constructions of shelters and very crude tools (wood, bone, hide: no metal, no clay, no stone); tend to trade shadow-hunter training for a few imported goods (largely textiles, ironically, with some metal tools and blades); xaol are lean and thin, long in the neck and tail and limb, swift and agile; long narrow snouts with plenty of small, sharp teeth (useful for snatching birds out of the air or fish out of the water, ineffective against large prey) with a curving horn at the end of the muzzle (sharp tip pointing up and back, dull edges); large nostrils, large eyes, fantastic binocular vision, good sense of smell and hearing, internal ears; thin membrane supported by vanes as a wattle along throat (from jaws to clavicle); powerful wings - very muscular - with three clawed fingers protruding from the winghand and strong enough to be used for attacking; only moves on two legs, almost never using its winghands to help unless at a very steep incline or on very slick terrain; long, slender, tapering, coily tail; massive draconic wings; usually a solid color, often greys or black, occasionally a shade of greyed green or blue or purple, rarely tawny/beige; very good flyers, especially considering their size, but perfectly capable on the ground

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