Species: Y'aenid

This is not a complete write-up.

Height/Length/Weight: Y'aenida are long-bodied animals, reaching 7-9' from nose to rump, plus another 5-6' of tail. When on all sixes, they're 3.5-4.5' at the shoulder; when standing on their hind legs, they can be 11-13' tall. Most y'aenida weigh from 400-550 lbs.

y'aenid(a), arboreal, four-armed two-legged but walks mostly hexapodal on level ground, hyena-like (not true canines/lupines), thick soft fur except for a ruff on neck and shoulders which is longer and coarser, short wide muzzle (again, hyena) with large eyes, big round-tip-triangular ears, long and fairly lean and streamlined body, extremely flexible through the spine and in the limbs, long muscular prehensile tail (long enough to wrap tailtip around own neck; slightly longer than nose-to-toes), mostly greens and browns in coloration (usually mottled or dappled, occasionally striped), small but sharp and hooking retractile claws, frontmost legs have shorter and softer paw-like hands with no thumb (four digits), middle legs have narrower and longer hands with pawpads (three fingers, one thumb), hindmost legs have large talon-like paws with powerfully-grasping digits (three digits, non-retractile claws, no thumb), entirely internal genitalia (don't wanna smash anything into a branch), incredible sense of balance and great tensile strength - but not a ton of endurance or carrying-heavy-objects strength, loosely social in tribes, often druidic

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