World: Yeh-lo

Name: Yeh-lo [YEH-low]

Indigenous Sentients: The only intelligent natives of Yeh-lo are the ssarinni.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): The ssarinni are fragmented into individual tribes, none of which has more than 200 people or more than 200 acres. However, each tribal leader is part of a tenuous Council. The Council, such as it is, could be counted as the ruling faction of Yeh-lo.

Other Factions/Nations: The Council is the only real non-tribal unit; in a sense, all the tribes could be considered 'the rest of the world'.

Description: Yeh-lo is a world renowned for the strangeness of its natives and the deadliness of its fauna. A primal world, consisting of vast jungles and steep mountain ranges, Yeh-lo is unkind to the unwary and fatal to the foolhardy. Many of its denizens are big enough to crush a man underfoot with one step - others are venomous enough to paralyze, blind, or even kill within moments, and yet others emit bursts of putrid odor to shake predators and confuse prey. Yeh-lo is more ocean than land, being about 70% water, and can be extremely warm in its tropical regions - too warm for people without a fire affinity (or with a coat of fur) to survive.

Magic: Yeh-lo is very low in magic. Unlike most worlds, which have neutral magical energy, Yeh-lo's inherent magic is fire-based. Fire-based black magicians or fire-fluent elemental mages can summon extreme amounts of power… but only from pre-existing, 'mundane' flame. (Most worlds have enough latent magic to allow for elements to be created - wind and fire, shadow and Light, etc - but Yeh-lo's magic is so sparse that it must be drawn from 'normal' fire sources.) Magic-workers who cannot use fire energy/magic are generally impotent on Yeh-lo; even warriors who employ qki from any source but fire are usually stifled, if not outright helpless.

Technology: Yeh-lo does not possess technology. Though the ssarinni are very skilled workers with wood, stone, and bone, they have no use for metal. They use pottery for decoration and practical applications (bowls, etc). There is one small, neglected intersun dock; it was constructed when humans first came to Yeh-lo, and subsequently abandoned when they found the ssarinni to be nearly incomprehensible.

Solar System: Yeh-lo is part of the Lo-N-Fas-R system, the first of four worlds. Lo-N-Fas-R was one of the first that humans encountered, being fairly close to the human's point of origin. Yeh-lo is an untechnological world, but one of its sister-worlds is quite technological, and the other two are middling.

Galactic Location: Two months and three weeks from the Source of Light, four and a half months from Airdh, eight and a half months from Gurhai, and a month and a half from Ka.

Intersun Trading: Yeh-lo does not partake in intersun trading.

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