Species: Ysta

This is not a complete write-up.

Tauroid: quadrupedal body, upright bipedal torso, four legs, two arms. The basic shape is equine, but slightly built, like a deer would be. Long, slender, hooved legs, with cloven hooves of ebony. They have a tail as long as they are, and it's slim and muscled, very graceful, and tipped with a long brush of silky fur. Their torsos, both upper and lower, are arched slightly and slender, with a shallow chest. Their arms are longish, flexible, and very expressive in movement. They have hands with four delicate fingers and a finger-length thumb. Their necks are long and supple, and they have long, flowing manes. Their heads are slim and deer-like, with large, inquisitive eyes and large, twitching ears. They're herbivores, so their teeth are small and flat. Their fur is short, glossy, and silky. Their mane can be black, white, silver, or grey, same with their tailtuft. Their hooves are always black, and their fur can be black, white, silver, grey, dark red, or pale blue. They're dancers, singers, artists, and beautiful and graceful.

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