World: Yucca

Name: Yucca

Indigenous Sentients: Yucca's only intelligent natives are the ksatsi people.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): None, really. Ksatsan packs share the land fairly peaceably with each other.

Other Factions/Nations: N/A.

Description: Yucca is a relatively pastoral, primal world. It's rich in diverse (and usually dangerous) wildlife and flora, making it often deadly to any off-worlders who want to visit. Its only sentient is a creature well-adapted to the perils of surviving. Yucca itself is primarily plains and forests, with few cold or desert areas and perhaps 45% water. There are no marks of civilization - not even any intersun docks.

Magic: Yucca is a world quite rich in magic - it may not be among the top three or five magic-rich worlds in the universe, but it's likely in the top ten. However attractive the surplus energies might seem to off-worlders, Yucca's wildlife is enough to deter most would-be visitors.

Technology: Yucca has no technology whatsoever, not even woodworking.

Solar System: Yucca is one of three planets in the Carennh system, a moderately civilized and somewhat out-of-the-way star system. Yucca itself is the only completely untechnological world; Creen holds moderate technology (wood- and metal-working), and Mbaun has several advanced metallurgy centers.

Galactic Location: Six weeks from Corba, six weeks from the Source of Light, seven months from Airdh, five and a half months from Gurhai.

Intersun Trading: Yucca does not participate in intersun trading.

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