World: Ztar

Name: Ztar [zDAR]

Indigenous Sentients: The only natives to Ztar are the Ztar'ai.

Ruling Faction(s)/Nation(s): In present-day Ztar, only the Ztar'ai whitefurs are numerous enough to be considered a viable population; so, by that standard, they are the primary faction of Ztar.

Other Factions/Nations: There are still remnants of two other Ztar'ai races left; one pack of Ztar'ai redfurs, and two packs of Ztar'ai blackfurs. (Formerly, there were many packs of both blackfurs and redfurs, as well as large populations of greyfurs and brownfurs, and even a short-lived rarran colony.)

Description: Ztar used to be settled across 40% of its lands, with land masses taking up some 35% of its overall surface; however, now only 12% is settled at all, and that only sparsely. Ztar is an ecologically stable, moderately-diverse world that has been virtually unchanged by the presence of the Ztar'ai; they've merely taken a niche as a top predator. The broken remnants of a sprawling rarran colony are ignored and avoided by the Ztar'ai.

Magic: Ztar is one of the top five magic-rich worlds in the universe. The rarra (from Ryarna) originally petitioned the Ztar'ai to build a colony, but after the Ztar'ai discovered the rarra's purpose (leeching the raw arcane energy to create more animetals and train more of their own mages), a war broke out and the rarra were killed or driven off. Currently, despite the invaluable nature of such a magic-heavy world, Ztar is quiet and untouched by outsiders. The Ztar'ai themselves become druid-esque windsingers after they can no longer hunt, helping to guide their packs to live attuned to natural rhythms; windsingers are not leaders, but they are very respected.

Technology: Ztar once had a rarran colony begin building a city and an animetal smithy, but these settlements have since been eradicated and abandoned. The most advanced piece of 'technology' on Ztar now is a one-story wooden house. There is one abandoned intersun-ship dock, no smithies, no machinery, and not even any irrigation.

Solar System: Ztar resides in the Zyan system, the second of three worlds. One of the other worlds has a native race, but both the other worlds are colonized by rarra.

Galactic Location: A fair distance from the galactic center - it's four months from the Source of Light. It's also two and a half months from the Ationa system (where Ryarna is), nine and a half months from Gurhai, three months and three weeks from Airdh, and three months and a week from Do'agnun.

Intersun Trading: Ztar has no intersun trading; no one will venture on-world, after the savage war that erased the rarran colony. However, eyes are still watching Ztar, perhaps waiting for the last of the Ztar'ai to die out before seizing such a valuable arcane resource for their own.

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